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Favero - heritage, passion, handcrafted, hard work, struggle, risk, tradition, adversity, and adventure

journey from the mines and the mills to 5th avenue


The brand name Favero was inspired by the adventurous life of Pietro Favero, who immigrated to northeastern Pennsylvania in 1912 via Ellis Island New York City.

Pietro was born in 1895 in Vittorio Veneto, Italy, a city with a rich and storied bicycling history.

Like many of our ancestors he was seeking a better life. At 17 years old, he and his best friend conquered the Atlantic Ocean in pursuit of the American dream.

When Pietro arrived in NYC at 17 years old, he was branded as a laborer who could read and write. His grit and grinder skill set took him to Dunmore, PA where he began working in the mines and quarries.

After working hard labor for many years, a new opportunity came his way. Like most laborers living in the mid-atlantic in 1939, Bethlehem steel became a major player in supporting the US Military during WWII.

His courage, work ethic, and faith forged a life for him and his six children. After 15 years at Bethlehem Steel he pursued his dream as an entrepreneur and opened a corner grocery store selling fresh produce from local farms.

Dal Niente

The company was founded in 2017 by Justin Favero a fourth generation entrepreneur and descendant of five generations of garment, steel, coal mining, and metalsmithing factory workers. Justin currently serves as the brand’s Creative Director and oversees operations, product design, and creative initiatives on a day to day basis. He is an experienced, resourceful, and relentless entrepreneur pursuing meaningful and passion driven ventures that enrich humankind since 2001.

“My great grandfather, Pietro Favero, came here in 1912 to give his family a better life. He worked and sacrificed in the coal mines of Pennsylvania like so many other Italian immigrants.  I’m the son of steelworkers, coal miners, fabricators, artists, entrepreneurs, and risk takers.

Bicycles helped me in my most challenging times and I can only hope to pass along the joys and freedoms that owning a bicycle and experiencing the bicycle culture can offer. I have and still do depend on bicycles as my only mode of transportation at times. I’m grateful for the hours spent riding and meditating. That is when I create the visions for my companies and put me on a trajectory that led me to writing this very sentence.

Favero is my calling and it’s been my vision since 2015. That year was a very tough time. But through 3 life changing events that year, this obsession and duty was birthed.

There are over 35 talented humans who are part of our team and have put their time and creative energy towards making this dream a reality.

It’s been a three year journey to develop the most amazing products to represent one of the world’s first luxury bicycle lifestyle brands and I’m excited show our company to the world."



Favero creates fine bicycle display furniture, premium ready-to-wear bicycle fashion, and bespoke limited-edition bicycle collections.

The signature Favero badges found on our products represent the highest level of design, quality, and style.

Our products are handcrafted in the United States and Italy by expert artisans using the finest materials on earth.  

A true love for experiencing life on two wheels is at the core of our mission. We are bicycle and design enthusiasts, who devotedly create for humans who love bicycles and embrace the lifestyle.

Favero is a living and working homage, embodying the history, culture, competition, and joyous recreation of bicycling and motorcycling and the international community which it builds.  

We welcome you to the House of Favero.

Inspired Design

Favero products are an elegant reflection of vintage and modern influences found in art, architecture, nature, travel, love and relationships.

Our limited edition and one-of-a-kind collections are impressively designed and handcrafted in the United States and Italy.

The vision, skill, and experience of talented Favero craftsmen is unparalleled. This talent combined with the right tools and the highest grade raw materials available result in a truly remarkable line up of high quality products.

Bicycles support our human urge for exploration, discovery, and adventure. To help fulfill this native desire for bicycle purists, commuters,  collectors, track riders, messengers, weekend warriors, beach cruisers, and pro cyclists alike is an honor.

We also believe that bicycles carry energies and purpose - some would even say a soul. They are called into the lives of their stewards for specific reasons to bring joy or function and we hope our products live our their purpose for whomever needs them.

Motive & Mindfulness

The motives that fuel our team:

  • To create the most beautifully engineered, artistic, meticulously handcrafted bicycling inspired goods on the planet.

  • Source fine, exotic, recycled, upcycled, sustainable, and earth friendly materials and production processes.

  • To build a global platform to promote bicycle safety and awareness thru philanthropic initiatives and powerful brand messaging in order to save lives and humanize interactions on the roads we all share. Proceeds from sales support the Alzheimer's Association, One Tree Planted, and People for Bikes.

  • Providing experiences that bring people together to join in competition, fellowship, and celebration.

The journey is just beginning and we are so excited for all of you to join us on the ride.

Beauty & Art